Our Technical Documentation Projects

Technical documentation for products and machines

Creating and updating operating manuals, maintenance manuals and spare parts catalogs.

We carry out these types of service on behalf of major regional industrials.

The role of our technical writers is to provide understanding and ease use of the machines:

- user manual

- maintenance manual

- installation instructions

- technical documentation


With a clear and concise (relevant) language, adapted to the concerned public, our technical writers put themselves on the same level as the document users.

Our services consist of:

- Collecting the needs of interlocutors.

- Being an interface between engineers/technicians and users.

- Working on the document structure and formatting across multiple supports.

- Writing documents for both users and technicians.

- Creating detailed illustrations of the machine/equipment.

- Photo shoots and image editing.


We are committed to comply with the schedule; we assure the quality of customer documentation, good communication with all collaborators working on the project.


Our employees are trained on the office tools and desktop publishing. They master:

- InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Framemaker software tools.

- Reading mechanical drawings (to have a good understanding of the machine operation).


Our technicians and engineers have good writing and teaching skills, good analytical and synthesis methods.

Finally, we have a dedicated stock of computing equipment with Adobe Creative Suite licenses that can be mobilized for your projects.


We would be happy to answer any inquiries, please contact us!


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A2ti un acteur locale et régionnal sur la région nantaise, nazairienne et Pays de la Loire
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