Our QHSE Projects

Inspection and Quality control, Quality management, supplier Quality and Quality Audit & Consulting

 A2Ti provides coaching and audits in accordance with the standards:

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

ISO 14001 (Environment Management System)

OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management System)

EN 9100 (Quality Management System for the Aerospace industry)

ISO/TS 16949 (Quality Management System for the automobile industry)

ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility of organizations and their contribution to sustainable development)


Inspection/Control Projects

Performing measuring, testing, or visual tasks/operations to verify product compliance and conformity of an installation according to plans and specifications.

► Dimensional and tri-dimensional control

► Electrical, mechanical, composite inspection

► Non-destructive testing (Ultrasonic, Radiographic ...)

► Periodic tool inspection


Quality inspector:

A quality inspector performs controls, measurement and testing, to ensure that a product complies with the specified requirements.

He detects, reports and analyses the non-compliance. He implements remedial actions and follows their treatment.

He participates in the daily process and maintaining the qualification standards of the manufacturing process.

The quality inspector may intervene on parts, assemblies and/or sub-assemblies, in electrical and non-destructive testing (NDT).


Quality Management Projects

Establishing and/or developing the quality standard and ensuring the proper implementation within the company. Establishing and monitoring indicators. Leading quality meetings to resolve problems encountered, to identify the causes and define corrective measures to be put in place.

► Production Quality Management

► Project Quality Management

► Non-quality cost management

► Qualification management

► Non-compliance management and exemptions


Quality manager:

A quality manager sets up and develops quality baseline standards, and ensures its proper application within the company. Quality objectives allow him to implement quality indicators.

A quality manager defines the procedure and the means of controlling non-compliance. He conducts meetings to implement corrective solutions. He sets up product certification and/or approval files.

Quality technician:

A quality technician creates and controls the delivery/certification/approval files. He finds and treats differences in regard to specifications. He helps improve processes by logging all problems encountered.


Supplier Quality Projects

Intervention on-site with suppliers to improve quality standards. This action allows us to work on various aspects including: control before delivery (firewall), system/product/process audits, and support for problem solving and search for causes of non-compliance...

► Reception control

► Qualification of suppliers

► Supplier Quality Management and/or monitoring

Supplier Quality Engineer:

His missions are to optimize the monitoring of our customers suppliers and identify quality problems. He intervenes to analyze issues and propose solutions. He may also be involved in the certification of new products from suppliers.


Audit/Consulting Projects

Audits verify the compliance of activities with respect to standards and propose actions for improvement if necessary. The three main types of audits are: system audits, process audits and product audits.

Consulting involves accompanying a business in their quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) procedure.

► Support for certification

► Process, procedure and product audits

► Continuous Improvement

► Metrology

The auditor:

The auditor verifies compliance with standards. He offers suggestions for improvement. He may be led to audit a process, a procedure, a service, an activity or the whole quality management system. This audit is an integral part of the improvement of quality, health, environmental and security processes.


In addition, A2Ti provides coaching in the steps of assembling authorization request files to operate ICPE:

ICPE (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment)


These missions consist mainly of:

- Piloting the project hand in hand with the people and authorities involved (customers, local authorities, Regional Management for Industry, Research and Environment)

- Organizing and distributing actions on the ICPE files with the relevant departments (Research Department...)

- Controlling and validating ICPE studies in terms of content (HSE expertise) and delivery schedule of the documents.


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A2ti un acteur locale et régionnal sur la région nantaise, nazairienne et Pays de la Loire
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